About Us

Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh (www.cambodiafr.com) welcomes to visitors who want to entire real experience of firing authentic rifles and BIG BIG GUNS like RPGs (Bazookas, Rocket Launchers), Grenade Launchers, Hand Grenades, AK 47, M16, PKM machine guns and other stuffs  while holiday in Phnom Penh Cambodia.   

Please note, there are two styles of Cambodia Firing Range and licensed, three are Indoor and one is Outdoor Range. And each of the Indoor Ranges are owned differently. The indoor ranges allows you to fire common guns such as: AK 47, M16, M60. 

We are from the Outdoor Firing Range, the only Outdoor Phnom Penh Shooting Range in Phnom Penh of Cambodia and fully licensed to execute our Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh, National road #4, it takes 90-120 minutes from Phnom Penh Riverside Royal Palace. 

Our Services: Free pick up from door to door and back home, fluently English speaking tour-guide, pleasurable trip, cold beers and discounts on the amount ..... In order to revieve services that we mentioned above you must book with us in advance.

The idea of creating the gun range business came when we saw that it's one of the most popular tourist spots and becoming more popular from year to year. 

And from year to year, we saw that a huge amount of tourists are coming to Cambodia for it and furthermore, we experienced that it's one of the true passion holiday in Cambodia. On the on other hand, there are many travelers are always looking for what to do, how to get there, where to go and how to get real expert and local knowledge with an experienced English speaking tour-guide. Here we are your assistance and will assist you to make your trips become more pleasurable during your vacation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Just before going down to Phnom Penh, Cambodia please feel free to contact/book us. We guarantee your holiday passions will come true! 

Any tourists who want to travel around Cambodia of course, we can be at your assistance and we are able to advise on where to go and how to travel there.