Cambodia Shooting Range

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Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh, AK47, M16, PKM/M60, K-57, M79 (Grenade Launchers), RPDs, Hand Grenades, 50 Calbers and RPGs (Bazooka, B40, Rocket Launchers). Based on 2 decades of experiences in the shooting range business.

Phnom Penh Shooting Range RPG Bazooka into 4 Fueled barrels, One of the best scenes from our records!


Cambodia Shooting Range, Shoot RPG Bazooka into 3 standing barrels. "On Targets" she said! 

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We are the number one outdoor shooting/Firing Range in Phnom Penh and the only one Cambodia Shooting/Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh and #1 Shooting Range in TripAdvisor, based on the reasons.

We are located at a mountainous area of Phnom Penh, takes 90-120 minutes by driving cars, single way, Kompong Speu Province(

04/May/2017 Giant Tatoos/RamboMuscles Extremely RPG Bazooka

James, Cambodia Shooting Range RPG, 29th, 04, 2017

07 04 2017. Christ, Rambo RPGs Bazookas PKM Machine Guns

Authentic experience in Cambodia Shooting Range

10/02/2017 Shoot rpg at a barrel 


26th/12/2016 Just wanted to document my activities

Shooting RPG bazooka against mountain

Shooting RPG (Bazooka) Against Mountain


17/03/2016 Blow up 2 houses by 3 RPGs and one Grenade Launcher

Blow up RPGs at two houses and three gas tanks, 2big, 1small and fire huge rounds of the 50 caliber at those gas tanks is one of the awesome time and you could not be missed. My clients said,  kind of holiday and birthday party! Let go to  gather at the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh to fire the RPGs and other rifles.

Pretty Awesome RPG (Bazooka)shooter 17/03/2016 finally, you are able to hit a small gas tank, above half mater from the ground. Pretty awesome!!!  

On the other hand, Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh,​ Cambodia is one of the last stop spot for every visitors who want to fire authentic rifles and ammo while traveling around the city. Shooting Range in Phnom  Penh,Cambodia.

Jan/2/2016 Firing Range Bazookas RPGs Phnom Penh of Cambodia, hand grenade, M-60 machine gun at Cambodia Firing Range RPGs Outdoor Phnom Penh, it's time to illustrate authentic lives. with our  long year experiences is the way to make to your holiday come true!




Shooting range M-16 in Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh