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Cambodia Shooting-Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh is located at outside of Phnom Penh and the only one outdoor shooting range at outside of the town, approximately takes 90-120 minutes by driving cars.

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Please, call +85589797079 (speak directly to us yourself) or email to get discounts, free transoprt up and down, cold beers and nice edited videos.

The total price to go out to the outdoor shooting range package for group or individual are the same and the minimum budget is $350, you can select any combination of the guns listed bellow: And if you have selected more than the $350, of course you will  paying more. 

Please feel free let us know what sort of guns would like to shoot ? Then we will quickly come back to you with personal expenses or group expenses details. 

We can also pair gun firers to other gun shooters

Notice, For the private gun shooting tours, Please let us know in advance

When the deals are done, you are givencomplimentary like, transportation up and down, cold beers, soft drinks, nice edited videos/photos and Personal English Speaking Tour Guide.


For the picked up and dropped, we can greet you at the bus/boat stops, airports afterward drive straight to the Outdoor Firing or take you to your place, tomorrow morning seeing each others at the same place at what time ?. And then directly go to the Phnom Penh outdoor Shooting Range.


We also can greet you at the Airports and dropped at the Airports at the same day. For details please contact us: WhatsApp and Call: +85589797079, email:

Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penhprovide customized videos and the cameras are Gopro 4, Drone DJI Pathon IV, digital camera and smart phones and more. furthermore, all the cameras will be set at various angles to catch every of your actions of your free style shooting range. We are always giving our clients the best shooting range service from Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh. 

if you would like to have the drone video service over head, please pay 99$ extra for the service. 


Note, if you are going to shoot RPG (Bazooka Rocket Launcher) into targets like, Fueled barrels, house with petrol ballels videos drone service and customized videos are included.


Fucking Yeah! Fucking Sweet! Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh 


At the outdoor range you can  make videos/photos and also we can assist you if you are needed.

The price-List bellow is applied for the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh Mounstainside


Discount informations: We provide a 15% discount to everyone has spent more than 500$ on gun range budget.

We have widely transportations to serve our visitors to  the range and come back. And transportations are Lexus cars, vans and 24 bus seats.   

The targets bellow are not the part of 15% discounts 

The tools and targets to make the shooting trips are more pleasure than other we would like to introduce some tools or targets and the tools are above: Moreover, all of the targets are not available at the gunrange so we need times to build them. Please feel free make a booking in advance.

Watermelon, ceramic plate, beer cans and coconuts, works very good with AK-47 and M-16, put them at a short distant, about 20-30 meters. Happy with single and automatic shoot :)


One fuel barrel, 40USDPut the barrels at a bit far from where we are standing, about 50-60 meters, and the weapons we use to fire are Bazooka/RPG/B-40/Rocket Launcher and M-79. In order to hit the targets, I highly recommended you spend for few minutes listen to our instructors. And then when you think ok or it's time to fire, ok do it! In order to make accurate targets I would like to recommend you buy 4 barrels and put like floor to top or paramyd style.   

Shoot RPG Bazooka at Barrels Cambodia


One Gas tank 6kg, USD40, big one 15kg, USD80We put gas tanks at a bit far from where we are standing, about 50-60 meters, and the weapons we use are, and the Bazooka/RPG/B-40/Rocket Launcher is well worked.

Before firing any common weapons we usually make fire around the petrol barrels, wood thatched houses and and gas tanks when are being hit by ammo the fuel will be flowing down to ground, on the ground there are fire, the spark or flam blow out.


But if you shoot RPG Bazooka Rocket Launcher or M-79 known well as grenade launcher at the gas taks or barrels we do not need to make any fire around. Because  RPG Bazooka Rocket Launcher or M-79 known well as grenade launcher are strong enough to blow flam out.


More accurate to hit and make extreme explosion


More accuate to hit and it can cause great explosions in air! visit video  Its about 70 percent to destroy them by RPGs (bazooka)

One wood house with thatch roof USD150 Firing houses without LPG or gian barrels is not much fun so in order to get pleasure I recommend you buy LPG or gian barrels. We put the wood house at a bit far from where we are standing, about 50-60 meters, and the weapons we use to fire are Bazooka/RPG/B-40/Rocket Launcher, M-79 and K50 Caliber. The way to fire the hut just install the house and put big barrels or gas tanks into the house and then fire!!.


We need times to build those targets such as: houses, gas taks and barrels. So please inform us in advance at least one day before. 


shooting rpg at 3 barrels and gas tank cambodia

Our video cameras will be recording all of your activities and it will be edited before forwarding to you.

Please, we have to drive at least 90 minutes from the Riverside Royal Palace Phnom Penh to the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh #4 Mountainside. Thanks

A real life experience a one liftie to FLYING RPG CAMBODIA SHOOTING RANGE


The real and guiness to see a flyinng rpg